La Bougnate, Blesle France

La Bougnate, Blesle France

In a village in Auvergne, a lively hostel full of happy moments, this inn in the center of Blesle (Haute Loire), a medieval village, one of the most beautiful villages in France, a few kilometers from the A75, is the Bougnate

La Bougnate is my wife! This nickname that his cousin Jean, Auvergnat like her, gave him became famous and the whole of France pronounced it. It’s the Fran├žoise, my Bougnate who thought, drew, realized the Hotel Restaurant with finesse and sensitivity. ”

A Today, I have entrusted the management to Jean-Philippe Ferraro, sommelier profession and his wife both from Saint Emilon.

La Bougnate, Blesle France

A hotel unlike any other

The exceptional setting of the hotel, the rooms, the lounge, the library and the dining room seduce all lovers of old stones as well as lovers of simple and original comfort.

The restaurant

A very neat kitchen is proposed in a beautifully renovated old room. Meat and ingredients are carefully selected from local suppliers. This is for example the case for the so delicious Aubrac meat provided by Arcadie in Rodez .

L es leisure

The hotel is the starting point for many walks, horseback, bicycle, or even by helicopter. The team of Bougnate will direct you to the best specialists in the region, whether you want to take a fly fishing course, or fly over the volcanoes of Auvergne.

The shop

The Bougnate shop offers a wide range of handicrafts and local items, including a superb line of crockery and kitchen items in the image of Bougnate. You will also find postcards and souvenirs for everyone.

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