Window Shutter Designs

Window Shutter Designs including Plantation Beach for Safety

One of the most popular forms of window treatments are window shutters. Window shutter treatments come in many different styles and materials. There are also many different ways that they can be installed. The most chosen method of installation is inside of the window frame itself, or you can use a window strip and place it on the outside of the window frame.

Window shutters can be purchased as a single shutter that opens much like a window blind or you can purchase a two-panel shutter that opens from side to side. There are several other choices of window shutters that you can choose from to make your room into warm and cozy room, however it is important that you take into consideration the size of your room and the size of your windows to insure that the look is right for your room, with window shutter treatments, you can control the amount of light that comes into the room. Another option for window shutter treatments is shutters that have four panels. This insures total privacy especially late at night. They also can block out some of the noise that occurs on a daily basis. The best feature about window shutter treatments is that they come in so many different styles that you will have a difficult time choosing which is best for you. If you have odd shaped windows, or more than one window in a row, it is possible to order window shutter treatments to adjust for each window. By simply adding a divider rail, you can add as many shutters as you choose to complete the look of your room.

Choosing the right window shutter

Among the many types of window shutters that are available today, louvers are a very popular choice. A louver is a window shutter that has horizontal slats instead of vertical. They start at one and one-quarter inch slats and can go as big as four and a half inches. It is important to remember that the size of the slats in your shutters controls the amount of light that enters the room. Louvers are typically made of polymer or wood. Both of these types of louvers add beauty and elegance to any room.

· Wooden shutters can also add beauty and elegance to a room. They are usually made of pine, however, they can be purchased in cherry or oak wood. You can purchase wooden shutters as unfinished, to stain and match the room that you are decorating. Wooden shutters can also be purchased in pre-painted basic colors that you can hang or even stencil patterns on. They are very durable, and can improve the overall quality of your home.

· Vinyl window shutters are made of polymers that allow them to last longer and makes them more durable. They resist mold and mildew that is caused by moisture. They are perfect for areas such as bathrooms because of their high resistance to moisture properties and are easier to clean then all other types of window shutters. Vinyl window shutters do not warp and clean up with a damp cloth.

Although window shutters come in all a lot of different colors and styles, they only come in three different styles however each has their own characteristics. These styles are plantation shutters, vertical louver shutters, and café shutters.

Three basic types of louvered shutters

1. Plantation shutters are designed to give your windows proportion and usually start at two and a half inches wide and go up to four and a half inches wide. They can add a decorative unique look to your room.

2. Vertical louver shutters can be found in homes and businesses everywhere. They add an air of sophistication and elegance to any room. Vertical louver shutters start at about one and a quarter inches wide and range up to twelve inches wide. They compliment any room.

3. Although a café window shutter is considered a type of shutter, it is really only a type of installation. A café shutter is designed to cover only a portion of the window, and is an excellent addition to any window. They will enhance any room that they are installed in.

Window shutters tips and ideas

Window shutters are coverings for window that enhance the beauty and elegance in a room. They are movable parts that can be made of wood or covered in fabric. Although window shutters are very popular, there are certain guidelines that you must follow. Making sure that the tension on the shutter is correct witch will decrease the chances of any type of malfunctions. They should open and close without resistance and stay in the position that are placed. The materials that are used to create your shutters should be of the highest quality to insure long life. Making sure that the window shutters are hung in the correct manner will assure long life. When the window shutters are hung in the correct manner, and adjusted, they will stop even the slightest bit of light from coming through.

Let Us Guide You How To Reach Bougnate

Let Us Guide You How To Reach Bougnate

To come to Blesle find the Bougnate is not complicated. 

First of all leave aside all your worries … Aim Auvergne, and then, we take care of everything.

By road

Take the A75 / E11 from Clermont Ferrand in the north, or from Montpellier to the south. 
Leave the highway Exit 22 
5 km after you get to Blesle. 

Let Us Guide You How To Reach Bougnate

You can calculate your route with: (maporama)

By plane

The Auvergne has 3 airports: Clermont-Ferrand (international connections), Aurillac, Le Puy. 
Clermont-Ferrand is thus 50 minutes from Paris, 35 minutes from Lyon, 55 minutes from Marseille, Toulouse or Bordeaux, 70 minutes from Rennes, Nice or Pau, 1:30 from Ajaccio.

By train

The nearest SNCF service is Massiac – Blesle station

La Bougnate, Blesle France

La Bougnate, Blesle France

In a village in Auvergne, a lively hostel full of happy moments, this inn in the center of Blesle (Haute Loire), a medieval village, one of the most beautiful villages in France, a few kilometers from the A75, is the Bougnate

La Bougnate is my wife! This nickname that his cousin Jean, Auvergnat like her, gave him became famous and the whole of France pronounced it. It’s the Françoise, my Bougnate who thought, drew, realized the Hotel Restaurant with finesse and sensitivity. ”

A Today, I have entrusted the management to Jean-Philippe Ferraro, sommelier profession and his wife both from Saint Emilon.

La Bougnate, Blesle France

A hotel unlike any other

The exceptional setting of the hotel, the rooms, the lounge, the library and the dining room seduce all lovers of old stones as well as lovers of simple and original comfort.

The restaurant

A very neat kitchen is proposed in a beautifully renovated old room. Meat and ingredients are carefully selected from local suppliers. This is for example the case for the so delicious Aubrac meat provided by Arcadie in Rodez .

L es leisure

The hotel is the starting point for many walks, horseback, bicycle, or even by helicopter. The team of Bougnate will direct you to the best specialists in the region, whether you want to take a fly fishing course, or fly over the volcanoes of Auvergne.

The shop

The Bougnate shop offers a wide range of handicrafts and local items, including a superb line of crockery and kitchen items in the image of Bougnate. You will also find postcards and souvenirs for everyone.

Auvergne Seminar Organizes

Auvergne Seminar Organizes

The Tourist Office of Blesle presents “One of the most beautiful villages in France”

  • The Cézallier and the Sianne Valley by an association anxious to preserve this magnificent heritage.
  • Regional Tourism Committee of Auvergne.
  • Regional Council of Auvergne.
  • Vulcania the European Park of Volcanism.
  • Romanesque art very well represented in Blesle. 
  • The Adventure Park DSHA Rando VTT, Forest Adventure Trail, snowshoeing, hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting … of the helicopter rides above volcanoes. 
  • The personal site of a resident of a Bleslois. 
  • ATV enthusiasts are numerous in the region of Haute-Loire
  • Auvergne Seminar organizes a large number of activities and challenges for companies. 
Auvergne Seminar Organizes
  • Sancy Loisirs offers a wide range of activities around Lac de Chambon. 
  • The imposing castle of Lespinasse nearby, visit 
  • The beautiful Lac des Graves where to fish trout. 
  • A real woodworker carpenter referenced Historical Monuments. 
  • The Domaine des Creisses , presentation of one of the wines sold at the shop. 
  • The news of the Massif Central and the Auvergnats of Paris. 
  • The Federation of Hotel Industry offers practical tourist information. 
  • The old schoolchildren of Blesle may find themselves on this photograph. 
  • The castle of Lyonne , charming bed and breakfast near Vichy.