Auvergne Seminar Organizes
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Auvergne Seminar Organizes

The Tourist Office of Blesle presents “One of the most beautiful villages in France”

  • The Cézallier and the Sianne Valley by an association anxious to preserve this magnificent heritage.
  • Regional Tourism Committee of Auvergne.
  • Regional Council of Auvergne.
  • Vulcania the European Park of Volcanism.
  • Romanesque art very well represented in Blesle. 
  • The Adventure Park DSHA Rando VTT, Forest Adventure Trail, snowshoeing, hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting … of the helicopter rides above volcanoes. 
  • The personal site of a resident of a Bleslois. 
  • ATV enthusiasts are numerous in the region of Haute-Loire
  • Auvergne Seminar organizes a large number of activities and challenges for companies. 
Auvergne Seminar Organizes
  • Sancy Loisirs offers a wide range of activities around Lac de Chambon. 
  • The imposing castle of Lespinasse nearby, visit 
  • The beautiful Lac des Graves where to fish trout. 
  • A real woodworker carpenter referenced Historical Monuments. 
  • The Domaine des Creisses , presentation of one of the wines sold at the shop. 
  • The news of the Massif Central and the Auvergnats of Paris. 
  • The Federation of Hotel Industry offers practical tourist information. 
  • The old schoolchildren of Blesle may find themselves on this photograph. 
  • The castle of Lyonne , charming bed and breakfast near Vichy.

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